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Part of our mission at at the office of Dr. Henry Espinosa is to help patients achieve better oral health through education. We receive many questions about gum disease and dental health, and we have a compiled a list of common questions so that you can learn more about periodontal disease and its treatments today.

How can I have periodontal disease without any pain?

Many cases of periodontal disease reach advanced stages without patients feeling any pain or discomfort at all.

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Symptoms of gum disease can include bleeding gums, receding gums, bad breath, and drifting teeth.

What kind of periodontal treatments do you offer?

Dr. Henry Espinosa offers a wide variety of treatments, including LANAP®, curettage, osseous surgery, and long-term periodontal maintenance. We will help you determine which treatments work best for you when you visit our periodontist for a diagnosis.

How much does periodontal treatment cost?

The cost of treatment is different for each procedure and depends on your specific needs. When you visit our office for an examination, Dr. Henry Espinosa will create a customized treatment plan and detailed explanation of cost.

Will I need to have gum disease treatment done more than once?

You may need to have more than one session of periodontal therapy in areas with very deep pockets.

What kind of recovery time can I expect after periodontal treatment?

We encourage you to follow the post-op instructions you are given. Most patients begin to feel better after the first day. However, each recovery depends on the procedure, as some procedures are more invasive and will require a longer recovery time.

Do you take insurance?

The office of Dr. Henry Espinosa takes most insurances and would be happy to help you learn more about your benefits. We encourage you to call our office to learn if your insurance is accepted.

Why doesn’t my insurance pay more?

Most dental insurances pay a certain maximum amount during a benefit period. Once this maximum is reached, they will not pay any more until the benefits are renewed. We encourage patients to receive necessary treatment regardless of their insurance payments, as we feel your health is worth the investment.

Why do I need to have my teeth cleaned so often?

Periodontal disease requires regular maintenance. Our periodontist will determine how often you need to visit our office to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

What toothbrush should I be using?

Dr. Henry Espinosa and our team recommend using an electric toothbrush, such as Braun®, Oral B®, or Sonicare®.

How much radiation am I exposed to when I receive X-rays?

Modern digital X-rays expose patients to very little radiation. You receive more radiation when you spend a day in the sun!

Are you accepting new patients?


How long has Dr. Henry Espinosa been practicing periodontics?

Our periodontist began practicing in 1978.

If you have further questions about addressing gum disease in Albuquerque, New Mexico, please contact our office at 505-888-1116 today. We would be happy to address your concerns and help you arrange a visit with Dr. Henry Espinosa.