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Our team at the office of Dr. Henry Espinosa is committed to providing patients with the care they need with minimal side effects. One of the minimally invasive procedures we offer at our office is LANAP®.

LANAP is a powerful laser treatment that can address cases of gum disease without the use of incisions or sutures, which is much more friendly to your smile. Other benefits of LANAP include:

  • Less treatment time than traditional oral surgery: Most procedures consist of a two-hour visit and about six months of follow-up care.
  • Faster recovery period: Many patients need less than 24 hours of recovery, while traditional surgery can require two to six weeks.
  • Potential to conserve gum tissue and regenerate bone: Many traditional surgeries can actually cause gum recession.
  • Relief from inflammation and infection: LANAP can reduce pain and discomfort much faster than more invasive surgical procedures.

LANAP is safe for patients who would not be able to undergo oral surgery otherwise because of conditions such as HIV, diabetes, hemophilia, or blood thinning medication. Because it does not use any cutting or sutures, LANAP is an ideal procedure for patients who struggle with dental phobias. Put your mind at ease with LANAP and our other minimally invasive procedures. Following treatment, you can return to your daily activities quickly.

You can learn more about the benefits of LANAP in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by contacting our practice at 505-888-1116 to schedule an appointment.