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When plaque and tartar gather in the deep pockets of your gum, they can cause inflammation and bone destruction. If scaling and root planing cannot treat the issue, Dr. Henry Espinosa may perform a surgical procedure such as gingivectomy.

Gingivectomy may be necessary when the gums have pulled away from the teeth, creating teeth pockets. This procedure can reduce periodontal pockets by removing excess gum tissue. This will help you better clean your teeth and can also provide you with a more aesthetic smile. Our periodontist may also perform a gingivectomy to uncover a short tooth and prepare it to accommodate a dental crown.

By removing pocket walls, gingivectomy provides increased visibility and accessibility to remove calculus buildup and smooth the tooth roots. This allows for favorable healing and restores the natural appearance of the gum tissue. Although gingivectomy was originally intended to treat gum disease, it is also a popular cosmetic procedure for overly gummy smiles.

We encourage you to contact the office of Dr. Henry Espinosa at 505-888-1116 if you believe you may benefit from a gingivectomy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our team would be happy to help you arrange a visit with our periodontist so that you can receive the quality care you need.